• The clinic has been altered to enable safe social distancing between patients in the waiting and communual areas.
  • Certain techniques have been altered or adapted to limit any possible transmission.
  • Longer times allowed betwen appointments to enable thorough sanitisation of room.
  • Use of a two room system when available.
  • Patients screened before addmittance to clinic.
  • Masks are required. We have spare ones for our patients.

Our Team of English Osteopaths in Antibes and Monaco

Serving the International and Yachting communities since 2001


Three osteopaths in two clinics. Plus home/yacht visits same day

Seafarer Medical

Our Approved Doctor is available for your international certificate

 Helping You With



Postural Problems

Osteopaths are experts in musculo skeletal disorder and dysfunction. We are able to diagnose most causes of pain, stiffness and overuse injuries.
We are also specialists in anatomy and can advise best practices to help you get the most from your body.
We can take the lead or be an active part of your rehab, following injury or surgery. Especially for athletes and those with prosthetic new (replacement) joints.


Specialist clinics in Frozen Shoulder and CFS

Specialists in postural development

Pedriatric Osteopath specialising in child development

Sports Taping, Rock Doc qualified

Medical Acupuncture /Dry Needling

Athletic Therapy Qualified

Osteopaths with over 10 and 20 years experience

Spinal Manipulation

Is a strong but safe technique. And gets incredibly fast results.  We are all trained in the UK.  We are specialists in spinal manipulation .

Medical Acupuncture

To decontract muscles and stimulate the nervous system for more effective and better recovery.  A powerful and long lasting effective treatment 

Frozen Shoulder and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Our two specialist clinics. We are trained in the latest techniques ‘(NAT, Perrin Method) and  these get results. We can unlock your shoulder in 6 weeks.

Rehab following surgery or injury

If we are in charge of your rehab you will get better quicker and regain more movement, faster. And we will make tedious rehab, really enjoyable.

Our Prices

All our charges can be claimed back if you have a Mutuelle or International insurance that supports osteopathy.

We give full and clear receipts and in some cases we can claim directly from your insurers.

We all accept Cash, Cheques and Bank Transfers.
Rachael and Aurelie also accept credit cards. 

All Osteopathy sessions 75€

Sessions are 30 minutes and can involve, spinal manipulation, muscle manipulation, testing, advice, medical acupuncture, sports and postural taping. First appointments can take up to an hour but are not charged any extra. 

Seafarer Medical Certificate 120€

This appointment takes 30 minutes, please bring with you your current certificate, ID and wear glasses, not contact lenses.

Home/Yacht Call Outs 210€

We are happy to come to you and we will guarantee a same day visit. We charge 210€ for the call out and treatment  but for additional people at the same address we then charge 75€ per person.

Extend your treatment session for 20€

Some patients will benefit from a longer session, we can add an extra 30 minutes of table time, for an additional 20€  please use the booking ‘Extended Treatment Session’ for this. In busy periods this can not always be guaranteed to be offered

Frozen Shoulder Clinic 55€

The specialist protocol for this demands more frequent treatments so in order to make this easier whilst you are in this pain period, we have lowered the price.

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Our Clinic Locations

Antibes Clinic

Antibes 4 rue Vauban

Phone +33 4 93 34 67 17

Monaco Clinic

Monaco/Beausoleil 11b Avenue Generale de Gaulle

Phone +33 4 93 96 50 88

Covid-19 Protocol

We take our health, and yours, seriously.
In order to minimise contamination from this global threat we will do the following if you have an appointment for Osteopathy.

     Before we treat you we will take a medical history and THERMO  SCAN

We require you to wear a mask, wash your hands thoroughly and use the hand gel we provide.
All rooms and communual areas are disinfected between each patient.

We guarantee that our hygiene is always of the highest standard.

Extra time is allocated before and after each appointment for this.

We will keep up to date on all the latest information about public health.


“You took away years of pain in less than 5 minutes. This is quite unbelievable”

“I should have come here earlier shouldn’t I?.”

“You are a magician”

“My name is Markus and I have a  house here, I’ve been seeing Rachael and Romain for 16 years. As soon as I book my flight, I book to see them too they are World Class!.”

“You diagnosed my hip pain when no one else could. Thank you so much. It means more than I could ever say”

“Can I come here every day for a year?”

About Us

Rachael started in clinic in 1996.
Graduating from the UK British School of Osteopathy.
Rachael is a certified Rock Doc and is a qualified Frozen Shoulder Rehab specialist. Her main skills are very specific joint manipulations and creative rehab programmes. Rachael set up a local baby and childrens charity clinic which is still very popular. Since 2013 Rachael has been on the committee of a large UK charity Supporting Wounded Veterans, and is also the Lead Medic for them.

Romain started in clinic in 2008
Graduating from the UK European College of Osteopaths.
Romain is a specialist in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome . His main skills are specific joint manipulations and sports and exercise injury rehabilitation. Romain is currently training for his first IronMan.

Aurélie started in clinic in 2016
Graduating from the University College of Osteopathy (previously known as The British School of Osteopathy) with a Master’s of  Science in Osteopathy.
Aurélie is also a Certified Athletic Therapist CAT©. Specialising in the assessment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal sports injuries. 

Aurélie’s continuing education includes courses in paediatric osteopathy to allow our tiny humans to receive the best care from the very start of their lives. Currently she is doing a diploma in Animal Osteopathy.

Invest in yourself.
Because no-one else is as important as you. 

Today we run around, we work long hours and we spend too much time on our phones.  And yes this impacts our posture, our muscles and our overall health. As osteopaths this is what we do, we are body mechanics and we see you for what you are, a musculo-skeletal engineering system of pulleys and levers. And we can rebuild you…..

Why us? There’s a reason why we are so busy. We have so much experience. If you want to be the best version of you. Call us!