english osteopath in Antibes

4 rue Vauban, 06600 Antibes

4 rue Vauban, Antibes 

Antibes Clinic

Getting there


La Poste 75 metres (free for 1 hr)

Les Pecheurs 200 metres (free for 1 hr)

There is street parking outside the office, free for 1 hr and free between 12pm and 2pm. Plus free all day Saturday.

Walking from the port

From in front of the Capitanerie, walk towards the town. Cross the road and walk into the pedestrianised area with the high town wall behind you and turn immediately right. Walk in front of all the bars and restaurants and keep walking till you join a road, continue, past Blue Water Yachting and then you come to a small roundabout. On this roundabout there is a paint shop and a restaurant Don Camillo. Take the 4th exit, this is Rue Vauban.  There is a HUGE building work going on at the  moment. Walk all the way up this street passing the Norwegian food shop on your right then the sex shop on your left. We are next to the sex shop!  number 4.

Walking from the train station

Cross the road and head straight in front of the station over the pedestrian crossing, it is called Avenue de la Liberation, at the end there is a roundabout, take the road on the left called rue Mirabeau, at the end is a small roundabout. Directly across this is the start of rue Vauban. You will see a restaurant in the corner called La Famiglia. This is Rue Vauban. There is a HUGE building work going on at the  moment. Walk all the way up this street passing the Norwegian food shop on your right then the sex shop on your left. We are next to the sex shop!  number 4. 

Bus routes




Buses arrive at the new Pole  D’echanges which is directly above the train station, Go to the station and follow the directions from there.




Wheelchair access?

.This clinic is not fully accessible. Outside there is a high step. If you are in a motorised wheelchair this will not be possible as a ramp is unsafe to fit. In this case and only for those who live within a 1km distance from the clinic we offer home visits at no additional call out charge. The clinic is accessible to prams and pushchairs, bearing in mind there is a large step. We can help lift a pushchair up it for you.

For Home/Yacht call outs – 04 93 34 67 17

Who is working in Antibes?




Riccardo is qualified as an Osteopath from degrees in both in Italy and the UK . He is Italian, from Milano, and wanted to work with this team because it means he can always pop back home for Sunday lunch. (You know how fast Italians drive!)
He  worked as the Principal Osteopath for a professional football team in Italy.   Because of this he is extremely competent in dealing with all sports injuries.
He has joined us from a very busy London clinic and there, saw many office related injuries and people  suffering from a sedentary lifestyle.
He is very committed to prescribing individual exercises and has introduced the team to some awesome software that allows us to do this very efficiently.
His hobbies are all pretty much outdoor activities that involve a lot of energy, and he is hesitantly going to try cold water swimming all winter! To get a balance in his life, he can also be found on a sofa watching Netflix!



Osteopath / Founder

Rachael Dickens BA Hons,  BSc Ost Hons

Rachael moved to France in 2001 and set up the clinics.

Being an osteopath is her second career, she used to be a publisher within the Daily Mail Group. But after an accident at the age of 28 where she suffered from a broken back which left her (temporarily) paralysed she was taken to see an osteopath and had the 'carried in, walked out' moment that led her to change careers, go back to her third University and study another 5 years to be able to 'Do to someone, what someone did to me'
During her time in France Rachael co founded the pre cursor to the 'Osteos du Coeur' a charity which enables those from modest incomes to access free osteopathic health care. During her stint as President of this charity, she was voted as the PACA regions' Woman of the Year' (Prix de Femmes) and flown to Paris to be honoured as the top ten women who had made a difference to their community. The first British woman to be so honoured.

Rachael has raised over 100k for a UK charity for wounded veterans and sits on the committee as the medical lead.  Supporting Wounded Veterans.

She loves working as an osteo and her energy is impressive. Although she has less clinic time these days she is usually to be found plotting and planning the future of the clinics, helping other businesses as a mentor, adopting dogs, or kayaking.

Her dark secret is that she was swapped at birth but then re swapped. An incident that her family still tease her about to this day. She was mixed up with a newborn Indian baby, and neither family noticed the difference! 






Lorenzo started in clinic in 2017, he graduated from International College of Osteopathic Medicine in Turin, and then decided to go to the UK and graduated from Kingston University Osteopathic School. So like Riccardo he is dual Osteo qualified.
Since then  he has been working in Italy, down south in Calabria, his home town, and then in Manchester.
In the UK he was working in a chiropractic clinic and saw patients every 15 minutes, which wasnt very satisfying as Lorenzo really likes to get to know his patients so he can spend time with them not only in treatment but in advice management and the all important follow ups. So he came here.

His musculoskeletal approach is based on his osteopathic education and experience and many years of clinical experience, he is quick, clean and surprisingly gentle.  He adapts all his techniques so they are effective on both children and adults.

He is an ace sports taper taught by International and Olympic coaches, he also gets great results with Medical Acupuncture/Dry Needling.

Outside clinic he loves being in nature, hiking and swimming, his sporting activities are mainly tennis and boxing and like all Italians he is a very happy chef!




I help busy people learn how to take back control of their emotional health so that they can better manage their time and energy.

My calming techniques and energy healing process releases energetic blocks and limiting beliefs so you will be motivated to take positive action steps to allow your dream goals become a reality and in a way that works for you and your loved ones.




Michel is bilingual  and dual national, English & French. He is registered with both the Conseil de l'Ordre in France and the General Medical Council in the UK.
Michel is an Approved Doctor to certify seafarers and has his Maritime Medical qualification. He is Approved on behalf of the NMA



Shona is a wonderful massseuse.
Available at the clinic in Antibes and for home visits
Very strong hands, if asked for. She is a full time massage therapist, and her treatments are drawn from her training in;
Deep tissue body sculpting
Flowing Swedish styles
Skin rolling and manual kneading (combats cellulite)
Passive joint and sensory repatterning
Price 70€ an hour table time






Open chat
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