We are currently unable to offer the ENG1 Certificate  ENG1

… we will be back in touch when we can.

Nearest Approved Doctors for ENG1

Dr Bruno Lavagne  
4 chemin de Tanit,
Juan les pins

04 93 67 03 07

 Dr Christopher Besse
74 Ave de Liberté,
Golfe Juan
06 47 45 22 88

 Dr Simon Gordon
1913 Route de Cannes
04 93 12 95 66


A typical medical exam might go as follows:


The doctor  will ask for a urine sample and will test kidney function and blood sugar with this.

The doctor will ask you about your current and past medical conditions.

Your height and weight will be measured and recorded.

A vision and colour eye test will be conducted. 

He will perform a standard hearing test.

The doctor may refer you a specialist or consultant to conduct further tests before  your certificate is issued.

Please avoid exposure to loud noise for 16 hours before attending your medical

Bring photo ID for example your passport

If you have previously had an ENG 1 or equivalent Seafarer Medical please bring this with you

Do not wear contact lenses on the day of your examination

Please bring details of any medication, letters or discharge notes issued since last medical.

You are advised to visit a dentist if you have not done so in the last 12 months

Who needs a Medical Certificate?

The medical exam is set to establish whether or not anyone working on a seagoing vessel, such as a private or charter yacht, has any medical conditions that might cause him or her to be unable to perform certain duties at sea.

 For obvious safety reasons, insurance companies require that yachts comply with safe manning requirements in order for the yacht to be insured. This means that all crew must be fully  STCW compliant and to obtain an STCW certificate you will have to have completed a Seafarers Medical exam.

In short, to obtain work on a yacht, you will have had to pass your Seafarer’s Medical at some stage.

While it isn’t a requirement for actual crew training, it is a good idea to do the medical before you start training in order to identify any of these medical conditions that could prevent you from working in the yachting industry. You wouldn’t want to spend money on sailing courses only to fail the medical afterwards.

Call outs to your Yacht

Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Accupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Doctors, Nurses and Beauty Therapists.

We can get someone to your yacht same day service.  The majority of our services cost 220€ we will give you full invoices.

On Board Vaccination Service

We deliver an onboard vaccination service WORLDWIDE.
Currently we can source Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen (J&J) and Astra Zeneca.

We can do 1st 2nd or 3rd(Booster) dose. Plus NOW the 2nd Booster too.
All vaccinated persons receive their EU Digital Health Pass and QR code.

We do not charge for the vaccines but do charge for the service.
Please contact Rachael on Whatsapp +33 6 22 35 24 58.

We can PCR and Antigen test on board or in our clinics?  150€ PCR and 50€ Antigen through our nurse Mme Raymond. Please contact her directly on Whatsapp +33 6 99 77 91 96

If you’d like us to book all your next vaccinations in the nearest vaccination centre to you. Let us know who needs it and when and we will do all the admin for you. We charge 20€ per vaccine sourced.

Please contact Rachael on Whatsapp +33 6 22 35 24 58

IV Vitamin Drips - coming soon

Call us if you’d like a Vitamin Boost. Guaranteed to make you feel 100% better, more energetic and full of life.

Where to find us                                                                           

Antibes Clinic

Antibes Clinic

4 rue Vauban , Antibes

Monaco Clinic

Beausoleil / Monaco Clinic

11b Ave Generale de Gaulle, Beausoleil

Please note we do not offer sexual health testing or contraception  services in the clinic, but…


..here is the information you need.

There is a free drop in service in Antibes for all sexual health testing, plus emergency contraception. So if you do need to use these services the address is
CeGIDD, 2067 chemin de Saint Claude, Proxima Batiment B, 3rd floor, Antibes.
They are only open 2 days a week. Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am to 3.30pm. phone number is 04 89 04 35 69 but you don’t need to make an appointment.
If you are in Nice or Monaco (Menton);https://www.departement06.fr/depistages/cegidd-06-11096.html


Ladies, please call us if you need advice on where to go to get your gynecological testing done. We know english speaking clinics who will look after you.

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