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Call the clinic and ask for Rachael.

In 2001 Rachael wrote an academic paper on The Role of Musculo Skeletal Intervention in the Workplace. Since then and through her career as an osteopath one of her main thoughts has always been how to get musculoskeletal (MS) therapies to more people. Why? because firstly it is her profession!, but mainly because not only does it work to reduce pain and increase life enjoyment, but for a business perspective it SAVES money, not only in the longterm BUT in THE SHORT TERM too.
Rachaels thesis found a 4USD return for every 1USD spent, in the short term. Amazing!

So where are those savings made.
Reduced Absenteeism
Increased Productivity
Better Staff Retention – decreased recruitment HR costs
Better company culture
So if we could promise that this would work for your company or team would you be interested?

So what does this mean? How could it work for you?

Lets look at some examples of what we can do.

Firstly we know our business of healthcare, but only you know your business, so we will work with you and with your companys’ ideals, needs and constraints to tailor make a programme that fits within your company culture and adhering to any budget.

One company we work with, we go in every year and give a full MS overhaul to every employee on site. The following week we see those that need a follow on treatment, on site, then those that need further come to one of our clinics. The company pays for the first 2 sessions and the employee pays for the follow ons with reimbursement from the company mutuelle.

Another company have over 400 employees and want us to go in  2 days each month and do 20 minute sessions with their staff. For this we have agreed a daily rate.

Another company want us in once a week for 30 minute sessions and they pay 50% of the cost the employee pays the remainder and get a receipt for reimbursement from their mutuelle.

For each company we will work with you to find an option that suits. We do not tie you in to any contract and you can stop, alter or upgrade at any time.



Want to get your staff back working from the office?

Selecting the days when we come in will encourage those working from home to come ino the office.  So if you want your employees to be in the office on Wednesdays and Fridays, thats when we can be there. It works!

When staff leave, there is a tendency for others to follow

When teams get disrupted the fallout lasts for a long time. The best way to limit this is to positively discourage staff from leaving. Musculo skeletal therapy in the workplace has been proven to do this. Imagine the stress you could save?

Too many staff suffering with 'bad backs'?

Musculo skeletal therapy will help those who suffer with back pain. Office workers with a sedentary work posture are those who are likely to suffer the most. This will help them.

What MS tools do we use…






Posture Training

Group Posture Class

Group de-Tension Class

Call us. We can work with any sized company or team. 

« Having the team from english osteopath in has made a significant improvement to our staff morale »

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