Beausoleil Clinic – 11b Ave General de Gaulle, Beausoleil   phone +33 4 93 96 50 88

…. this clinic is 60metres from the Monaco border. Even though it is in France, we work with the Monaco calendar and bank holidays ….

Monaco Clinic

11b Ave General de Gaulle, Beausoleil   tel +33 4 93 96 50 88
Parking/Walking directions

St Charles 100 metres (free for 1 hr)

Belle Epoque 90 metres (free for 1 hr)

Liberation 90 metres (free for 1 hr)

There is street parking outside the office, free for 30 mins.

Directions from the Railway Station
From the Monaco Train Station
Follow the signs to Beausoleil whilst in the station, go across the tracks, in the lifts and up the escalator. Once outside facing the sea, turn left and cross the road as the pavement disappears, pass the Novatel Hotel, keep on the same road, Avenue Princess Charlotte. Pass the British Car Co on the opposite side of the road and continue. Cross the road and keep straight on till you come to the cafe La Cremaillere and the sign saying Beausoleil, walk up here past the bank, at the pharmacie, turn left walk 60 metres and you come to a T junction with another pharmacie on the corner also with steep steps in the middle.
This is Avenue du General de Gaulle, with steps in front of you turn right, there is a health food shop on this corner, pass this shop, the patisserie next to it and then another 60 metres along here after the vets, and the hairdresser is Us !! note we are 11b   not 11.
Directions from the Port

Walking from the port.

Follow the road around the port direction Casino/Italy. When you enter the pedestrian tunnel, take the lift to the Casino…

From the Monte Carlo Casino/ Casino Square
With the Casino directly behind you walk north to the tourist information building. Opposite this is the Passagerie de l’ Ancienne Poterie, go up here and cross the Boulevard de la Princess Charlotte, in front of you to your right is a sign saying Beausoleil, walk up here past the bank, at the pharmacie, turn left walk 60 metres and you come to a T junction with another pharmacie on the corner also with steep steps in the middle.
This is Avenue du General de Gaulle, with steps in front of you turn right, there is a health food shop on this corner, pass this shop, the patisserie next to it and then another 60 metres along here after the vets, and the hairdresser is Us !! note we are 11b   not 11.

Bus routes
By Bus
The nearest bus stop is La Cremaillere, route 2, this is at the sign saying Beausoleil from there follow the directions written from the Railway station

The other bus stops at Casino Square, follow direction listed from the port

Bus Route 1 red
St Roman from the Port to Casino Square
Bus Route 2 blue
Jardin Exotique from the Port to la Cremaillere
Bus Route 6 green
Larvotto from the Port to Casino Square



We are Body Mechanics

We are Postural Experts

We 'crack', tape, stretch, massage and also use needles/acupuncture.



Whos’ working in Monaco?




Rachael Dickens BA, BSc Hons (Ost), DO

Rachael works in both clinics
Antibes:  Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings
Monaco: Thursdays

Rachael  set up the english osteopath clinics in 2002.
Rachael decided to become an osteopath after being temporarily paralysed for 6 months following a sports accident. It was an osteopath that finally got her walking and even though at that time she was working her way up the commercial career ladder in huge publishing companies (The Daily Mail General Trust and The BBC) and had just attained the promotion of Publisher, she gave it all up to go back to University and complete the 5 year course at the British School of Osteopathy.

She moved to France in October 2001 and opened the clinic in Antibes in January 2002. The Monaco clinic opened in March 2010. With them both being so popular she is thinking about opening her third…

Rachael is a product of her environment! She comes from a family that has huge links to their community.  As a child her parents made  her go and visit old people who had no visitors or family. This was no hardship as they would give her presents and chocolate… as she got older her commercial streak took over and soon she had a lot of elderly ladies knitting jumpers on demand for her school friends. This gave the old ladies something to do, all the teenagers got handmade jumpers and Rachael made a profit.

Growing up she was involved in the home her mother ran, which was for adults with physical and learning disabilities. Today her sister runs a farm where all the staff are again, adults with physical and learning disabilities, this farm has a craft shop, a nursery and a cafe as well as rare breeds.

When Rachael moved to France she set about creating a charity whereby babies and small children who may otherwise not get to see an osteopath, could visit one for free. This charity, Osteos du Coeur, which she formed with 4 french osteo friends ran for 5 years until it merged with the Croix Rouge in Antibes and now is much bigger and has wider coverage. Whilst she was President of the charity she was honored with a national award for the Prix des Femmes (Womans’ Prize) This is where the public choose which female has made the biggest contribution to their community. After a few rounds of voting Rachael was a finalist and was flown to Paris and given a cheque for 1000 euro. She remains the first and only British woman to have been honored in this way.

Supporting Wounded Veterans is a UK registered charity which takes medically discharged members of the armed forces and teaches them to ski, or to learn again as an amputee. Then the real work kicks in with the one on one Mentoring that each soldier is given to find jobs/careers for the veteran skiers. So far it has a 100% success rate.

Rachael is on the Committee and heads up the medical team. Her role is to keep these soldiers safe as they go skiing, without eyes,legs and arms.  She is involved from the initial recruitment of the skiers and has to make the tough decisions as to whom to take on an incredibly oversubscribed event. It’s a year long task for a weeks safe skiing.

As an osteopath Rachael works very ‘structurally’ She is an ace manipulator, and has over 22 years clinic experience.  She uses the acupuncture techniques of ‘dry needling’ to great effect and is also very experienced with cranial osteopathy. Stretchy tape or Kinesio tape is often used to also help reinforce the osteo work.

Personally Rachael loves to ski and box, and kayak and hike. She always has a dog with her, which is why the clinics are dog friendly! She has recently started making websites (like this one) and is morphing into a techno geek.
Her current charities are:
Osteos du Coeur
Supporting Wounded Veterans




Aurélie joined English Osteopath after graduating from the University College of Osteopathy (previously known as The British School of Osteopathy) with a Master’s in Science in Osteopathy.

Aurélie is also a Certified Athletic Therapist CAT©. Athletic Therapists adhere to the Sports Medicine Model of Care. We treat a wide variety of patients from the athlete suffering/recovering from a concussion to the senior citizen that is recovering from a hip surgery. Our goal is to ensure that all patients return to their level of activities whether it may be competitive sports or simply going to work. Athletic Therapy has enabled Aurélie to specialise in the assessment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal sports injuries.

Through her work experience, Aurélie has combined both professions to ensure each patient is treated as an individual, receives treatment plans tailored to their needs and she always sends her patients home with a few exercises to further benefit them. This also allows each patient to take charge of their rehabilitation and notice improvements.

Aurélie’s continuing education includes a specialisation in paediatric osteopathy to allow our tiny humans to receive the best care from the very start of their lives. Issues that may arise include but are not limited to; reflux, colics, nasal congestion, coughs, torticollis or any muscle pains. Early osteopathic intervention may prevent the tiny humans to feel any discomfort, to prevent spinal/ musculoskeletal imbalances during growth and to ensure their happy and healthy growth!




Madeleine is an exceptional counsellor.

Most people experience a life crisis at some point in their life, which can feel overwhelming and isolating. We might feel embarrassed to talk about difficult issues with our friends and families.
Living in a foreign country can make it even harder to seek out support.

Jung, one of the forefathers of holistic and transpersonal Psychotherapy, celebrated these crises as an opportunity for breakthrough.

At these times, a course of supportive, non-judgmental, warm and holding therapy with an experienced Therapist/Counsellor can be of great help. If you need help and support with any of the following issues, you have come to the right address.

  • Loss of direction, hope and purpose
  • Depression, stress, general anxiety
  • Problems with your relationship(s)
  • Low self-esteem
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Working with your dreams
  • Couples Counselling
  • Chronic illness
  • Abuse (sexual and/or physical)
  • Trauma
  • Spiritual crisis
  • Loneliness
  • Breaking old Patterns
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Self-Actualisation

Working with Heart and Soul helps us to understand the greater picture and to feel a sense of belonging.  The most important person in this process is You.
We will work together to find a custom made approach to help you through your difficulties, to deal with inner and outer critical voices and to help you to be at ease with yourself, to build trust, self worth and  dare to live your dreams.

Madeleine is a UK trained and fully  accredited  Senior Therapist, Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor. Madeleine is accredited with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and a full Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). She has worked in private practise since 2004 in London and for many years online as well. Madeleine is also a member of the Teaching Faculty, training Psychotherapists in London, at the CCPE and has special training in treating Trauma (EMDR).

For an initial Counselling or Therapy appointment in Monaco/Beausoleil, please contact Madeleine by email or phone +44 777 55 20 989 and leave a message (which will be treated as strictly confidential).

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Dr Lauzel is a French born UK National and is bilingual English & French. He is utterly charming and approved by the Norwegian Maritime Agency to undertake Seafarer Medicals and issue these Certificates.  He is registered with both the Conseil de l’Ordre in France and the General Medical Council in the UK.


Ante Natal Classes

Shelley is a UK trained non practicing midwife
She also has had a baby in France
She offers a course of Ante Natal classes in the Antibes clinic. This consists of 5 2hr classses and covers allaspects that you’d expect based on the UK NHS and NCT classes.
Courses start at 20 weeks gestation and cost 150€
Partners are welcome, at a small charge.
Shelley can also do Skype consultations and can tailor make a private class at your address at your convenience – prices on demand.


Clinical Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Udi is a qualified clinical nutritionist and certified Heartmath stress management mentor and trainer and he’s licenced to practice both in Monaco and in the UK.  He is passionate about food, health and wellness. He can be available at our Monaco clinic by a special requests (including by phone and Skype consultations). By combining his professional expertise and practices, he has developed a unique type of therapeutic support to help others cultivate a healthy internal and external environment. His mission is to help people discover healthy living by supporting the body and mind with nourishing self-care practices. Some of his areas of specialty include:

  • Digestive imbalances
  • Weight management
  • Mindful eating
  • Detoxification and cleansing
  • Food sensitivities and allergies
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Mood imbalances
  • Energy imbalances
  • Blood sugar control
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Immune system imbalances
  • Chronic health conditions

Udi earned his professional qualification in clinical nutrition in the UK and his stress management certificates in the United States in the leading California based Heartmath Institute. He has an extensive and diverse background as a nutritional therapist and as a mental health therapist. His experiences include working as a wellness coach in a variety of settings including private clients, integrative medicine clinics and community health centres. As a self-taught chef, Udi enjoys exploring diverse culinary traditions from around the world.

He understands that every individual is unique, and therefore adjusts wellness plans to meet each person’s individual needs, lifestyle and goals. Some of the elements emphasised in wellness planning include healthy eating practices, exploring relationships to food and our food system, adopting a positive belief system, learning self-care, practicing stress relief technics and discovering balanced, mindful and joyful living.

For more information and pricing: